Saturday, May 18, 2013

Annual May Memorial Day Exhibit

 May exhibit in the west display case of the Niles Public Libary honors America's fallen heroes, acknowledging the major contribution of Illinois native son, General John Logan, to the establishing of Decoration Day, the forerunner of Memorial Day. Major components of the exhibit include the distingushed work of artist Konrad F Hack - Death in a Corn Field, 2001 on loan from the 1st Division Museum in Cantigny, Illinois; an original gunpowder flask on loan from the Niles Historical Society, and Civil War replica artifacts loaned by the Pritzker Military Library. Also displayed is an original soldier's cap from the 37th Pennsylvania Regiment which belonged to a Mr. Neuman who had immigrated from Germany in the 1840s. The cap and identifying information were provided by Ken Schwuchow.

The library’s annual May display to honor our veterans and highlight the local Veteran’s History Project was initiated by Battle of the Bulge veteran, Al Aronson, of the US 28th Infantry Division or the “Keystone”/Bucket of Blood Division in 2009. Mr. Aronson’s interview transcript is available along with those of 51 other heroes in the 3rd floor Reference Department and via the library’s website at

This year’s exhibit focuses on the Civil War, and the library acknowledges the generous courtesy of the Niles Historical Society and its curator, Dan Smaczny. The library also thanks the Pritzker Military Library and its outreach co-ordinator, Nancy Houghton.

This year’s exhibit again benefits greatly from the advice of Niles resident and World War II collector Chris Reuscher.

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