Saturday, July 9, 2011

Access to Military Records by the General Public

The National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis can provide access to the general public, including genealogists who are not next-of-kin. Limited information from Official Military Personnel Files is releasable to the general public without the consent of the veteran or the next-of-kin.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Hundred Years of Boot Camp" Great Lakes Naval Station

In the Friday, July 1st, issue of the Chicago Tribune writer Robet McCoppin recounts the proud and consequential history of the Naval Station Great Lakes, founded 100 years ago. On page 10 and 11 the reader can view a timeline, and pictures of such famous graduates as Michael Monsoor, the Fighting Sulivan Brothers, Carl Brashear, George Halas, and the Golden Thirteen.

Located about 30 miles north of Chicago on Lake Michigan, the training center has graduated 3.5 million recruits at a current rate of 35,000/year. The performance of sailors from the Midwest during the Spanish-American War is reported to have led military officials to chose a Great Lakes training site for the ocean-going navy.

A helpful timeline accompanied the articles in the newspaper on page 10.