Thursday, May 15, 2008

Veterans History Project Interview- Richard J. Rogala

As a crew member of the USS Pueblo which was seized by the North Koreans in 1968, Mr. Rogala was a prisoner of war for 11 months. During 2008,the 40th annniversary year of this international incident, he is asking his fellow citizens to contact their elected representatives to effect the return of the USS Pueblo to the United States. The ship's return from Pyongyang Harbor would provide more closure for the difficult and painful period of captivity. Mr. Rogala received the above copy of a letter which his Congressman wrote to Secretary of State Rice.

Veterans History Project Interview - Max Kolpas

Veterans History Project transcripts and audio recordings of the memoirs of service, including transcript, audio file and searchable file of Mr. Kolpas's interview are available at the Niles Public Library, 6960 Oakton St. Niles, IL. They are also now available over the internet via the library's website at