Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Veterans Day Exhibit at Niles Library

The World War I soldier's profile is an adaptation of an illustration from the cover of the
 library's copy of Sebastian Faulk's novel Birdsong. The replica items of World War II
battlefield fare were kindly loaned for exhibit by the Pritzker Military Library. The
World War I uniform on the left and Victory Medal in the "Great War for Civilization"
as well as the complete World War II Army Air Corps flight surgeon's uniform on the right
were assembled by Niles resident and collector Christopher Reuscher to honor the military
career of 99-year old Dr. Irwin Williger who is the oldest participant in the Veterans
History Project at the Niles Library.

The items above, including facsimilie cigarettes, matches, and toilet paper as well as such meal rations as Spam were loaned for exhibition by Nancy Houghton, the Director of External Affairs at the Pritzker Military Library at 104 S.Michigan Avenue.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

6th Annual Veterans History Project Breakfast, 11/8/12

The Niles Public Library presented its 6th Annual Veterans History Project Breakfast on Thursday morning, November 8, to honor the community's heroes and especially those participating in the national memoir of service program.

26 veterans assembled on stage for the roll call. The oldest veteran of World War II and the highest ranking in service was flight surgeon Major Irwin Williger who served in North Africa and later in Europe with the 40th Evacuation Hospital. Dr. Williger is seated fourth from right in the first row.

Sitting from left to right in the first row are: Bernard Warchol, Robert Morris, Walter Tymczuk, Niels H. K. Larsen,
Leonard Di Fabio, Matthew Wojtaszek, Jack Weinberg,  Irv Blaszynski (sitting on stage) Dr. Irwin Williger,
Irving Abramson, Al Lee and Art Art Shapiro.

In the 2nd row from left to right are: Milton Langer, Robert Lavery, Ray Rich, Matthew Potaczek, Tom Vana, Richard Vana, David Spitzer, and Al Komar.

In the third row from left to right are: Sam Schechter, Chuck Jacobs, Mike McNulty, John Bugajsky, Dr. Jerry Levin, Judith Carlson for Norman Berkman, and Russell Zapel.

This year's official picture was again taken by Sasha Vasilic, the Publicity and Graphic Design Coordinator of the Niles Library.

Linda Weiss, the Director of the Niles Public Library, and Chris Hanusiak, President of the Friends of the Niles Library and a veteran himself, welcomed and congratulated the special guests. Mrs. Weiss announced a donation of $500 from the library and the Friends of the Library to the Honor Flight Chicago Program.

The delicious breakfast was arranged by the Library's Marketing Director, Sue Wilsey, who worked in concert with
the generous Regency Rehabilitation Center of Niles. Kris Hansen, the Regency's Director of Marketing, pitched in to help serve the breakfast to the veterans, their guests, and the community as 73 people in all attended the breakfast. The food and beverage service at the breakfast was again most ably coordinated by  the library's Cyndi and her corps of volunteers:  Marilyn,  Lindsey, Helen ,
Stephanie, and Dottie. Library staff assisting in the presentation of the  program  were Judy McNulty, Dodie Frisbee, Ann Pasnick, Susan Lempke, Dave Dabrowski, John Ratzko,  Keith Winberg, Richard Woznicka, and  Don Burkhart.

The Legacy Girls as the Andrews Sisters provided the knock-out entertainment and closed their program with the “Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy" to everyone's delight.