Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November Veterans Day Exhibit at Niles Library

The World War I soldier's profile is an adaptation of an illustration from the cover of the
 library's copy of Sebastian Faulk's novel Birdsong. The replica items of World War II
battlefield fare were kindly loaned for exhibit by the Pritzker Military Library. The
World War I uniform on the left and Victory Medal in the "Great War for Civilization"
as well as the complete World War II Army Air Corps flight surgeon's uniform on the right
were assembled by Niles resident and collector Christopher Reuscher to honor the military
career of 99-year old Dr. Irwin Williger who is the oldest participant in the Veterans
History Project at the Niles Library.

The items above, including facsimilie cigarettes, matches, and toilet paper as well as such meal rations as Spam were loaned for exhibition by Nancy Houghton, the Director of External Affairs at the Pritzker Military Library at 104 S.Michigan Avenue.

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