Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gunnery Sergeant Charles Matz

Mr. Matz's interview transcript has now been completed and has been added to the library's collection. It will shortly be available to hear and read via the library's web site.

Remembering Okinawa: 65 Years Later

Three U.S. Marines who fought in the pivotal, last battle of World War II will participate in a discussion and film program on Sunday afternoon, April 18, at 2 p.m. at the Niles Public Library, 6960 Oakton St.

Charles Matz, Ken Radnitzer, and Dick Vana will recall their thoughts on the eve of the war’s largest amphibious invasion on April 1, 1945. Library patrons will then have the opportunity to view the 45-minute film, Okinawa: the Last Battle. The documentary treats the heroic sacrifices made by America’s armed forces during the bloody 82-day campaign to set the stage for ending the war.

After the screening, refreshments will be served, and the Marines will be joined by
U. S. Navy veterans to answer questions from the audience. All of the veterans are participants in the Veterans History Project at the Niles Public Library. Their transcripts can be read and heard over the library’s website at

Help Send Paperbacks to Our Soldiers in the Middle East

Dog-Eared Pages Used Books Store announces Book for Soldiers Program.

100,000 Paperback Books going to the Middle East!

We started this New Program at our Used Bookstore in Phoenix, Arizona after speaking with some of our customers who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They were telling us that in their off-duty hours there wasn't much to do other than read or play video games and unfortunately there were never enough books for everyone to read and pass around.

We trade for used books in our store and often times we receive duplicate titles we don't need on our shelves. We have been donating books since we opened our bookstore in August of 2008 to the VA Hospital with Vets on their way down for treatment and Senior Communities & many other charities around town and we will continue all of these worthy programs.

The Books for Soldiers Program is going to be a massive undertaking and we are asking for every Patriot in America to help.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Last Train From Hiroshima" Questioned

Last week Henry Holt & Company stopped printing and selling “The Last Train From Hiroshima,” about the atomic bombing of Japan, because its author had relied on a fraudulent source for a portion of the book and possibly fabricated others.