Monday, November 16, 2015

Heroes of the Korean War, Sunday, November 15, 2pm

Moderated by Mr. Jin Lee, the program featured 4 presentations, as American veterans, Lou Krueger and Jerry Field, and  one Republic of Korea Army (ROKA) veteran all spoke before Dr.Bonnie C. Oh, a professor of Korean Studies, explained that the forgotten soldiers of "the Forgotten War" are often the soldiers in the Republic of Korea army who fought bravely at the Pusan Perimeter and Inchon Landing.36,516 American died in the Korean conflict. American soldiers earned 131 Congressional Medals of Honor as 8 went to soldiers form Illinois. Today there are 37,000 American troops near the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone).  The ROKA army lost 447,697 soldiers in combat.Total United Nations casualties among the 22 nations participating exceeded 628,000.

Display case in 1st Floor Commons of Niles Public Library is devoted to
 Remembering the Korean War Exhibition during November. The extensive exhibition,
 mounted by Jin Lee from his own collection, 
continues in the 3rd Floor  Franklin Gallery. 

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