Wednesday, April 15, 2015

"The Forgotten War"

R. Conrad Stein of Chicago penned a moving  12-paragraph letter that appeared in the Voice of the People section of the Chicago Tribune on Saturday, April 4, 2015, describing his time at Lane Technical High School in the early 50s when older students faced the prospect of serving in Korea. After he graduated in 1955, he joined the Marine Corps. His recollections of the student body, the military draft and teachers provide glimpses of days now perhaps yellowing in history. In conclusion he observes: "The Korean War remains a forgotten war, fought by a forgotten  generation."

The national Veterans History Project collects and preserves the memoirs of service of America's soldiers so that they are not all forgotten. The Niles Public Library has interviewed 9 veterans who served in  Korea. Their accounts can be read and heard through the Niles Public Library homepage.

Any local veterans who  wish to be interviewed for  the Veterans History Project are encouraged to contact Neil O'Shea , 847-663-6425,  at the Niles Public Library

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