Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Canadian War Museum Exhibit about Jan Karski, the Holocaust Whistleblower

THE WORLD KNEW – Jan Karski’s Mission for Humanity 

is the new exhibition at the Ottawa museum. This item was supplied by a follower of this blog. He wrote:

                     It was the opening of an exhibit on Jan Karski, a Pole who went deep
                      into the ghettoes of Warsaw to get first-hand material on the Holocaust that 
                      would be used in pleading the case for intervention to Roosevelt.
                                              (Unsuccessfully, Unfortunately)
 The U.S. Embassy in Ottawa was a contributing paratner to the exhibition.

Jan Karski's book, Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World, is available at the Niles Public Library on the 3rd floor at 940.53438 K18st. Patrons may check the library's online catalog for the current status of the book, first published in 1944.

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