Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scotsman Brian Foster Launches World's Biggest War Memorial on Internet

Heather Greenaway writes in the Daily

 "From the lost soldiers of Vietnam to US troops who died in Afghanistan, the online roll of honour created by Scots engineer Brian Foster has been opened for the first time for the public to see.

The dad-of-three, who now lives in Los Angeles, said: “We launched the roll of honour to remember the fallen in all the wars. We wanted to create a virtual memorial that brings the past into the present.

“It’s free to use and anyone around the world can log on and find out America’s heroes who are gone but not forgotten. It also gives the friends and families who have lost loved ones the chance to share their memories.

The site, which can only be accessed by members of the military, has brought together veterans of campaigns including World War II, Vietnam, Korea, the Gulf and ­Afghanistan. The pioneering website has become one of the world’s largest military archives, with 1.3million servicemen posting more than 2.5million photos and detailed accounts of some of history’s biggest battles."

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