Thursday, November 5, 2009

3rd Annual Veterans History Project Breakfast Photographs

On Wednesday morning, November 4, 2009, Linda Weiss, the Niles Library Director, Morgan Dubiel, President of the Library Board, and Chris Hanusiak, President of the Friends of the Library, welcomed the guests of honor and those present at the community breakfast. The Regency Rehabilitation Center co-sponsored the breakfast and the Battlefield Balladeers provided the musical entertainment on a Lincoln Bicentennial theme. The photographs were taken by Sasha Vasilic.

1st row: Martha Shipp, Walter Tymczuk, Paul Schneller, Sam Schechter, Judith Carlson for Norman Berkman, Charles Matz, Eugene Kopacz,

In the 2nd picture Harry Webber and John DeCecco can be seen sitting to the left of Mrs. Shipp in the first row.

2nd row: Bill Shipp, Niels Larsen, Chuck Jacobs, Matthew Wojtaszek, Max Kolpas, Irving Abramson, Mike Kozyra, Donald Spitzer

3rd row: George Terzian, Irvin Blaszynski, Leonard DeFabio, Kenneth Radnitzer, Matthew Potoczek, Don Lewan, Bob Dauber, Richard Vana,

Tom Vana, Martin O’Grady, Robert Crandall, Russell Zapel.

Gus Habighurst, who also attended the breakfast, appears in the last picture

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