Thursday, June 6, 2019

Why the Sixth or When Would Mother Nature Permit the Long-Planned Operation Overlord?

 British RAF Captain James Martin Stagg advised General Eisenhower to delay the invasion  one day until June 6th, 1944 as the Imperial War Museum's chart below illustrates. Favorable tides and moonlight also had to be coordinated.

D-Day Invasion Beaches' Numbers

The informative and timely chart below was provided by the Imperial War Museum in its free D-Day newspaper.

World War II veterans, Walter Tymczuk, Max Kolpas and Matthew Wojtaszek participated in the Normandy invasion and contributed an oral memoir to the Veterans History Project at the Niles-Maine District Library.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Annual Veterans Month Exhibit honors WWII Navy

The Niles-Maine Library District

gratefully acknowledges the generosity and insight shared in this exhibit by Niles resident, collector and historian, Chris Reuscher and his wife Laura.

Further details explaining the uniforms

of World War II can be read on Chris's website

“the place to discover and explore United States military uniforms & clothing of the WWII era.”

Charles “Chuck” Jacobs, the first World War II Niles resident, to be interviewed for the Niles Veterans History Project, served as Pharmacist’s Mate 2/C on the Destroyer Escort USS Sims which is depicted on the left in the exhibit backdrop.

Chuck’s interview and those of other veterans can be read upstairs in the Veterans History Corner

and via the library’s website at

Saturday, November 3, 2018

12th Annual Veterans History Project Breakfast

70 in all attended a library signature event on Friday morning, November 2, as 22 veterans participated in the  Roll Call.  The Sweet Reminder Duet as the Andrews Sisters provided the musical finale, adding new numbers in tribute to the Vietnam veterans now in attendance.

The veterans appearing in the picture are from left to right in the first row: Mike McNulty (wheelchair), Mort Elenbogen, Ira Graham, Kenneth Lee, and William Shipp. In the first row seated in chairs on the stage from left to right are Charles Matz, Harry Webber, Matt Wojtaszek, Irv Abramson, Bette Horstman, Arthur Shapiro, and Ray Marchetta. Seated in the second row from left to right are Don Gloor, Pat Gerard (not visible), Roger Salamon and Rolf Hellman. Standing in the last row from left to right are Gary Warner, Michael Tuscano, Dennis Nilsson, Martin Passarella, John Andres, Jr., and Russel Zapel.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Timely New Book Recommended for the Centenary of the November 11,1918 Armistice

"Meticulously researched"  "bold and bracing"

This "NEW" title is filed at 940.12 W356 in the 3rd Floor New Book Section.     

Professor Wawro demonstrates that the American contribution was indispensable to the
Allied Victory.